Product Launch Checklist for Tech-driven Businesses

product launch checklist

Why do you need a product launch checklist?

Building a new product takes time and demands the manager/product owner to have knowledge in diverse fields. It’s a big challenge to organize tasks for different teams without a plan.

  • For Managers: The checklist will help you to list down all essential tasks in the right order. This will give an overview of how task processing, gets rid of missing tasks and disorders implemented.
  • For Members: Having a checklist will help members to follow the right process. Also having a clearer picture of their responsibilities and other teammates’ workloads.

This checklist will help you:

With rich experiences accompanying startups and tech businesses, Enosta provides you with the most utility process to develop and launch a product:

  • Overview of 4 product development & launching steps
  • Detailed description for each step
  • Focusing on the production and go-to-market process
product launch process

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