The Optimum SAAS Marketing Strategies for B2B Products

saas marketing strategies

Saas is a differentiated product that you can’t adapt to the strategies that you apply for other items. This article will support you to understand clearly the appropriated marketing strategies, especially for B2B saas products.

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Why is SaaS different from other products?

1. It’s not just the product

SaaS stands for “Software as a service” which also emphasizes the service. It’s no denial that software is the most important part, but service also plays a vital role.

2. Customers are long-term

It’s not similar to normal software which can be bought once for all. For a saas product, customer retention is crucial in this industry. As a result, you should focus on retention more than on customer acquisition.

3. Prefer educating prospects and customers

You might have a lot of competitors in the market certainly. So, to do better, you should inform your buyers of the specifications, features, and benefits that your product offers.


b2b saas marketing strategies

4. Short sales cycle

Compared with the usual B2B, Saas product sales cycle is quite fast which is less than 12 months. The reason for this is the development of technology. Which leads to the rapid changing of software.

Thus, you should update your software version regularly.

Best practice B2B Saas marketing strategies

Now you understand about SaaS products, let’s jot down 7 marketing strategies examples for B2B business:

1. Product trial

Offering a free trial is probably the most powerful method to get more sales. This is more practicable than any other accessing method. The advantage of product trials is that they are a strong indicator of buyer intent. A prospect is to invest their time in getting to get to know your product.

The best way to promote your free trial is on the landing page which allows you to show the product’s features and then compel them to click the Call to Action.

2. Content Marketing

Once you engage with a blog post or download a free checklist, you’re engaging with content marketing. Consider more about SEO to get the most results on Google search.

This’s a necessary tactic for almost any strategy which focuses on creating, distributing valuable, consistent content. The purpose is to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive profitable action from customers.

Creating more comparison content to make your product outstanding

Get rid of conducting spam, fake titles just to gain more visitors.

3. Co-marketing

Co-marketing is when 2 companies collaborate on promotion to get a better marketing result. They target promoting the same product and share its benefits which are probably to drive more leads, awareness with fewer works.

There are no particular rules for this strategy, both companies can create an ebook, a webinar, or publish research. If 2 teams are involved, co-marketing could be very effective. Nevertheless, come up with an agreement and set the same target at the beginning.

4. Branding marketing

A branding marketing strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful company. This helps the company to differentiate its product from competitors. Take advantage of your company’s facial to connect with customers’ emotions, demands, and positions.

It’s a process of confirming the value, benefits, characteristics of your brand. Good branding is always followed by an impressive message; a story that can evoke emotion and action.

Based on your company logo, history, and goal, set up a branding component that officially represents your company.


saas marketing strategies

5. Drip marketing

This’s a set of marketing emails that will be sent to the register automatically on a schedule. For example, the first email will go out when someone signs up, the next one will be sent 3 days later, one more email going out the next weekend.

Drip marketing is easy to engage with potential customers over a few weeks and months. Furthermore, the cost of automation tools is affordable. Which is especially suitable for nurturing leads.

6. Inbound marketing

This is a methodology that puts the focus on buyers and their interests, rather than on your company or product. Though this strategy might take time but offer long-term growth.

In particular, inbound marketing is nurturing your ideal customers by providing high-value content. Build trust and lasting relationships with customers instead of forcing sales when they’re not looking for help. 

It can be applied in 3 ways:

Step 1: Attract:

To reach your audience, start by creating valuable content on blogs, social media. The content should be helpful, how-to-do content, for instance, or problem-solving, guideline, etc.

To get deeper on the inbound marketing level, optimize your content with an SEO strategy that will help you to target specific keywords and organically appear on the high position of the search engine results page (SERP)

Step 2: Engage:

Inbound marketing does not stop at attracting an audience. Make sure you’re communicating with leads and customers to build long-term relationships with you.

Step 3: Delight:

This is the stage that you make your customers happy & satisfied after buying your product. It demands your team members to become experts to support customers at any point in time.

You can send feedback to understand clearly customers’ insights.

If this is not your strength, consider outsourcing marketing services to kick off your plan.

7. Pay-per-click marketing

SEO strategy might not generate enough traffic in some cases such as in a high competition market. Thus pay-per-click marketing is your solution.

Put effort into keyword research


marketing strategies for b2b business

The keyword is a fundamental part of any PPC campaign. You should build a list of potential keywords that are highly relevant to your business and the product you aim to sell it. Don’t re-use the old list, the Google algorithm is changing every day. Update it before choosing the best one.

Some tools for you to research: Google keyword planner,, etc.

How about the PPC budget?

Setting your goal before coming to a budget. Most of the keyword research platforms provide estimated costs per click to reach the top position. So you already have the average CPC.

Based on it, determine your niche keywords and create a budget.

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