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Brand archetypes

In Marketing, the battles between brands are not competitions between products and services, but battles to mark their brand name in the minds of audiences. Nowadays, there are numerous brands of products, and services in the market. But why only a few brands that are very popular, while others are undesirable or unknown?

The best example in the gas drink industry is Coca-Cola. Wherever you are on earth, if you are looking to buy a soft drink, the first answer will mostly be Coca-Cola. How did these brands do that? What secret formula do they use to leave such a deep impression on customers’ minds?

The answer is brand personality. A brand that has its own personality, tone of voice, and values as a person will not only make it unique, but it will also be extremely memorable! And that’s why Brand Archetypes appeared. A collection of personalities were built based on scientific evidence of human instincts and desires.

The 12 Brand Archetypes

There are 12 basic desires, corresponding to 12 different brand archetypes:

brand archetypes

Different people will be attracted to different brand archetypes because our individual desires are different.

1. The Outlaw Archetype

The Outlaw is the archetype that has a burning desire for revolution to change the world for the better.

They don’t like rules, regulations, and conformity because these things narrow their freedom of choice.

Anger is part of their motivation, the dominant force to make them move forward.

Branding Strategy

You have to show your audiences that you have the same viewpoints as them. Conformity and rules are not for us.

Avoid using formal conversation. Words and tones that are grit and aggressive attitude is more suitable with the Outlaw

Encourage and empowering revolution will make you become a part of the family easily

Suitable Industry

Automobile/ Motorcycle

Destruction Tools


the outlaw analyse

2. The Magician Archetype

brand archetype

The Magician has the ability to lead a person through magical moments on a transformation journey.

This archetype believes that human beings have the ability to bring everything to come true, not just imaginations in their head.

The Magicians encourage everyone to follow their dreams and guide them to a better future.

Magicians always looking for knowledge and use it to demonstrate their vision, and share it with everyone.

Branding Strategy

The Magician is the brand archetype that has a special ability that it can attract different kinds of personas.

If your brand can bring your customers to a transformation journey (Insecurity to security, lost to found, or worn to refreshed), it can be considered as a Magician Archetype.

And what you need to do is spread your miracles to everyone and encourage them to follow their dreams and have a better life.

Suitable Industry



Relaxation/ Well-Being


3. The Hero Archetype

The Heros want to show the world their courage and determination.

They need challenges to grow up. They keep moving forward no matter how many failures they have until they get success

The Heros not only want to prove their worth themselves but also let the world know how great they are.

Branding Strategy

To appeal to a hero, you must first inspire them and give them the confidence to strive and achieve their goals.

They see themselves as justice standing for the right thing.

Heros have a lot of ambitions and brands that can recognize those ambitions and encourage them to achieve success can easily connect with them.

Suitable Industry


Sports Equipment

Energy drink/ food

Emergency Trade Services (Plumbing, Electricity, Locksmiths, Mechanic)

4. The Lover Archetype

brand archetypes

The Lover’s desires are the experience of intimacy, closeness, and sensual pleasure. They will use the means they have to achieve it.

The Lovers want to become more physically and emotionally appealing to increase their attraction to others

Their biggest fears are being unnoticed, unwanted, and unloved. Even when Lovers achieve all their desires, they are still afraid of loss.

Branding Strategy

You must make a Lover feel attractive or arouse their desire for connection and closeness in order to appeal to them.

Because of their personality, sensual language and tone should be used in communication and messaging.

Brands that attract the Lover can easily enhance their audience’s desire for sensual pleasure through sound, smell, or touch.

Suitable Industry




Indulgent Travel


5. The Jester Archetype

Jesters love having fun and enjoy every moment of life.

They not only enjoy themselves but also spread happiness and cheerfulness to people around them.

Jesters’ special ability is seeing optimism in every situation, so they can’t be kept in a down mood for long.

Jesters are young at heart and retain it even after their peers have grown up and become serious.

Branding Strategy

Jester archetype is best fit for brands in the business of entertaining or wanting to relate themselves with good times.

As the Jester Archetype, your brand should showcase the light-hearted and positive side of life. Brands that are able to connect with their audience via pleasure and laughter are likely to become well-liked.

Suitable Industry

Professional Services

Child services


6. The Everyman Archetype

The everyman simply just wants to belong. They want to be in society and don’t like to stand out in the crowd.

The everyman is friendly and easy to talk to. They are not overly funny, or overly loud, or overly rude.

They easily trust a person though they fear being rejected.

For the most part, they like a lot of things and they don’t overly passionate about one specific field.

Branding Strategy

The strategy to attract an Everyman is to make them feel a sense of belonging.

Brands that are related to daily activities might well fit with this archetype.

Superior positioning or “we’re better” messaging would be turned down. Appealing to an Everyman requires brands to use humble, friendly, and honest communication.

Suitable Industry

Home/ Family life

Family Apparel

Family Automobile

7. The Caregiver Archetype

Caregivers are people with selfless personalities.

They have the desire to protect and care for others, especially those in need.

Caregivers encourage and take care of people in need until they get stronger and to be able to take care of themselves.

Branding Strategy

The Caregiver archetype is a perfect fit for brands that help those in need. The people such brands help are often vulnerable and sensitive and require a soft touch.

A warm, thoughtful, generous, and motherly approach offers a feeling of safety that will appeal to their needs.

Caregiver brands may need to appeal to wider audiences as they often require external input in order to provide care for those in need. In such a case, educational and conscience-evoking messages may be the key.

Suitable Industry

Health Care



8. The Ruler Archetype

The Rulers are people seeking power and controlling everything.

They are authoritative in their communication and in their actions and carry a sense of intimidation.

They are confident, responsible, and in control of their lives and expect the same from others.

Rulers see themselves at the top of everything and aggressively defend that position.

Branding Strategy

To appeal to Rulers, brands must show them a sense of power, control, and respect.

Rulers want to be a part of an exclusive V.I.P club. So, brands that appeal to the masses will not impress the Rulers.

Suitable Industry

Automobile (Luxury)



Formal Wear Apparel

Brands providing Luxury or High Quality

9. The Creator Archetype

The Creator has a desire to create something new and exceptional, that wasn’t previously there, and has enduring value.

They need to express themselves with their individual talent and strive to bring their vision to life through that expression.

Creators believe that if you imagine it, it can be created but people are frequently hindered by their own requirements for perfection.

Branding Strategy

To appeal to a creator you must celebrate the creative process while inspiring self-expression.

Brands that provide the means or tools to express themselves creatively with freedom of choice would be well fit with the Creator Archetype.

Brands’ communication should encourage the audience’s desire for the creative process and inspire their customers to express their nature to the best of their ability.

Suitable Industry



Information Technology



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10. The Innocent Archetype

The Innocent is a positive personality with an optimistic outlook on life.

They want themselves and everyone else to be happy.

The innocent is honest, pure, and has no bad thoughts about anyone.

They see beauty in everyone and have a knack to see the inner beauty that others don’t.

Brand Strategy

To appeal to an innocent, you need to earn their trust with simple, honest, and most importantly, positive communication.

Communication is based on guilt and negativity is completely rejected.

The Innocent will feel more connected with your brand if their inner beauty is recognized.

Suitable Industry

Beauty & Skin Products


Fresh Food

11. The Sage Archetype

The Sage is a seeker of truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

They not only want to understand the world but to share that understanding with others.

The sages are life-long learners and enjoy expressing their knowledge with philosophical conversations.

This archetype is more likely to pass on their wisdom to someone who can use it to change the world, rather than change the world with it themselves.

Brand Strategy

To appeal to a sage you need to respect their intelligence as you communicate.

Oversimplified or dumbed-down communications will be ignored, whereas higher-level vocabulary with layered or philosophical meaning will be recognized and valued.

They expect factual and well-researched information to avoid challenges.

Suitable Industry

Media and News Networks

Schools and Universities

Educational Businesses


12. The Explorer Archetype

The Explorer always try to push themselves outside their comfort zone of everyday life, into the rugged wild world

They are brave, adventurous, and love a challenge.

They travel on a lifelong journey to explore themselves more than proving to others

Brand Strategy

Strategy to appeal to an explorer, brands need to challenge them, especially the limits of modern life.

Promoting the outdoors and the unknown as the land of freedom and mystery will resonate your brand with them quickly.

Suitable Industry

Extreme Sports

Outdoor Equipment

Automobile (SUV category)

Adventure Travel

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Get Your Brand Remembered

STEP 1: Listen to your audience

You have to determine the dominant desires of your target customers, and understand what they want to achieve or who do they want to become.

STEP 2: Pick and link suitable Brand Archetypes

The second step is to align your brand with appropriate brand archetypes that reflect those desires. Then, apply all the characteristics of that archetype to your brand.

STEP 3: Start building your brand personality

The third step is to build up your brand’s personality, including attitudes, opinions, faiths, visions, and the tone of voice of your brand. Besides, you also need to set a digital presence by creating a consistent concept of imagery, color palette, shapes, and typography across all communication channels, such as websites, email marketing, social media, events, packaging, and many more.

Applying these 3 simple steps with the right strategy and actions will make your brand stand out from the crowd and become more appealing to audiences

If you still struggling to choose a brand archetype that is a perfect fit for your brand, don’t hesitate to Contact Enosta. We’ll find the best solution to distinguish your brand in the market!!

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