Branding Packages for Small Business: What Should Be Included?

Branding design’s properly a fundamental part when starting a business. Obviously, it’ll represent your company and be glued with it for a long path. Before going to services in branding packages, let’s see what elements a small business need in a branding design:

What to look for in a Branding Design?

1. Consistency

Consistency’s a crucial element that grows your customers’ awareness and builds trust. It’s a way for your target audience to recognize your products and continue to consume the services that they like.

Some small businesses, however, are more likely to ignore the essentials of branding consistency. If you want your startup to stand out in the marketplace, you should focus greatly on this.

Thus, ensuring your brand promise and providing your customers with what they are acquainted with getting should be the core of your branding efforts.

2. Brand personality

Ask yourself: “If your brand were a person, who would it be?” 

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are represented by a brand name. This personality is a qualitative value that a brand acquires in addition to its functional benefits.

Check out the list of 300 brand personality traits and pick the right one!

branding identity design

Moreover, brand personality has a big impact on the voice and tone used in your marketing channel and other communications. If you can’t find a stable personality, customers will gain mixed messages and have trouble connecting with your brand.

3. Brand recognition

Recognition begins with the name of your business, followed by the color scheme, fonts, creatives, and other expressions. A good Brand Design gets bear in mind of the audience from the very first visual creating a lasting impact.

4. Competitive advantage

Having a unique and aesthetically designed brand followed by attractive strategies definitely makes the company command a distinctive position in the market amidst the tough competition. The edge of an eye-catching logo, tagline, play of color schemes, and more gives the brand a competitive advantage.

Even you are new in the market or an old-school brand needs to rebrand, these criteria are essential when buying a branding package.

What should Branding packages include for a small business?

1. Logo

branding packages for small business

A logo is the principle of a brand’s identity. The end result should be a beautiful logo and brand identity that can integrate into your website or any of your existing marketing materials.

So, in a Branding package should be included:

  • Custom design of company logo with 2-4 versions.
  • Included a new design or redesign.

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2. Brochure/flyer

Normally, the broadest range of brochure design packages offers:

  • Leaflets
  • Bi-fold brochure, tri-fold brochures
  • Other types of a brochure that you can negotiate

3. Postcard

Included in the Branding package is:

  • One/two concept for a two-sided rack card.

business branding packages

4. Web design

It could be a landing page or a website that should be included at least

  • A homepage with 3-5 sections
  • 3-5 interior pages

Website is a professional channel for any business, consider tips of high converting landing page and build it well.

5. Social media

When it comes to online marketing, social media, in particular, graphic design is a decisive part of a marketing campaign. It’s more important in a nice visual to grab the audience’s attention while surfing the newsfeed. The design agency should offer you:

  • Facebook profile and Banner
  • Facebook post images
  • Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter post images

To be more specific, you should offer at least 2 rounds of changes for each of the mentioned services.

Final thought

Choosing an agency that adapts to all these requirements is essential. So, if you’re looking for it, stop seeking cause we have a solution for you.

Enosta is an integrated agency offering full services about BRANDING, DESIGN, MARKETING & WEB DEVELOPMENT.  With broad experience in branding design and customized packages, we probably satisfied your demand.

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