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If you think branding is just a logo, name, or color scheme, it’s time to look for a branding service. A recognizable and loved brand is the most valuable asset your business will ever own. Studies show that there are 59% of consumers tend to buy products or services from brands they already know or feel familiar with them.

The benefits of having a strong brand are attracting customers and provoking their buying motives. Branding is not a growing method for big corporates, it works for businesses of any size. So what services should a small business choose to shape your brand? Let’s check the list below:

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Top branding services that fit for small businesses

Branding is a wide field with diverse services. Thus you should understand what types of brand services that needed for your business. It might be a basic visual branding service or a full branding package. If you need more insight to determine the best branding solution, schedule a consultation with our experts here:

1. Logo design

It can be seen that logo design is a standard element of any brand. Yes! When it comes to a brand, we will think of its logo initially. A good logo can make an enormously positive effect on customers’ inception. Thus, be focused on this small element!

However, this makes a serious misconception that a logo is the only thing a brand needs. Let’s come to the next service to see how many sectors are left to execute:

2. Brand heart

Considering as a foundation for a strong brand, the brand heart is the core of your brand that guides your business in the very next steps. A brand heart includes:

Purpose: Why does your brand exist?

Vision: What will your brand become in the next 5/10/20 years?

Mission: What will you do to make it come true?

Values: What will you give to your customers?

3. Brand archetype

A brand archetype is an advanced sector that forms a brand’s personality. Once you determined an archetype, you will have a clear picture of what your brand looks like. This is a perfect guide to generate brand messaging.

There are 12 brand archetypes that present12 significant personalities, pick one for your brand here:

Brand Archetypes – Supreme Solutions to Mark your Brand into Client’s Mind

4. Brand messaging

Based on the brand archetype, it’s time to determine:

Brand Essence (personality, voice, tone)


Value prop

Messaging pillars

This is one of the standard brand services, outsourcing an agency will help you have a guide on how to craft the right message for their audience. Once your target audience realizes the message, you’re on the haft way to success

5. Brand identity

Visual identity can tell potential customers a great deal about your business without having to say anything. A fulfilled brand identity includes:





Style guide

In some cases, a long lifetime logo can build strong brand awareness, however, it can be a disadvantageous point that loses customers when you do not make any changes to adapt to the market. Thus, consider updating your brand appearance if it is out of date.

6. Brand voice

As we mentioned above, brands are just like people. Not only demanding a brand personality, it also needs a brand voice that adheres to the business across all touchpoints. Owning a strong brand voice help strengthen your company’s identity in a significant way.

To form the right brand voice, remember to thoroughly analyze your industry, customer base, and company culture. Then determine what the right solution should be. To simplify this step, based on the brand archetypes. For instance, a cheering, wildly brand voice probably wouldn’t be a good idea for the insurance industry where customers need expert support and guidance. Or honestly, truly, and sympathy can be suitable with branding for nonprofits.

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7. Brand strategy

Brand strategy is the process to evaluate your brand health and the marketplace then, come up with a suit strategy and form a solid foundation for the future.

Creating an effective branding strategy is all about balancing your capabilities with your customers’ expectations and desires. This is more than just catching someone’s eye, a strong brand strategy will help to carve the brand into customers’ minds and win their hearts from the beginning.

Why you shouldn’t build your brand by yourself?

Building a strong brand takes time to prepare and gain effectiveness, it’s can take months and even years to have a position in the market. That’s the reason why you need to build it carefully and smartly. One false step leads to another. Once your audiences think of your brand in a completely different way, there is nearly no chance to reset.

To save time and resources, you better build your brand with an expert who can accompany you throughout the journey. Or at least they can draft out a strategy that you can follow and execute. If you still wondering how to make it through, contact our experts to get a free consultation! Take this chance for your business here:


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