Full Digital Marketing Solutions for Lead Generation

digital marketing services

Digital marketing always plays an important part in all phases of a business. Especially in this Industry 4.0 era, digital presence become more and more important. This is the key factor that impacts business growth and brings revenue.

So, how to invest in outsourcing services in the wisest way? What do digital marketing services include? Let’s explore:

When do you need Digital Marketing Solutions?

Spending a lot of money on hiring agencies does not bring revenue all the time. Thus, use your money wisely.

For small marketing campaigns, for example, your internal team might take responsibility. However, for large campaigns that are important for your business like launching campaigns, or promotion campaigns, hiring a professional team is a better choice. These are some detailed cases that you can consider:

Wast too much money on ads: Running Facebook Ads and Google ads in an emotional way, lack of ads knowledge that brings low conversion and unqualified leads.

Unclear Digital Marketing campaigns & business orientation: In any activity, to achieve high results, the brand needs a specific plan with a detailed timeline and objectives based on a deep analysis of customers, markets, and products.

Lack of metric measurement before and after running a campaign: Waste your resource without any insight to improve the campaign performance.

Want to introduce a new product/service: Need a strong and professional investment to launch the product successfully.

Along with digital marketing activities, branding is also needed to be invested. Consider outsourcing branding services and maximizing your marketing performance.

digital marketing services

Step to CREATE and EXECUTE a successful Digital Marketing campaign

1. Research

Don’t ever make a decision without deep research. To have a good start, you should take the:

  • Market research: Get the latest market trend and understand the changing in the global market.
  • Customer research: Take a survey with your potential customers to get their insight and categorize customers group. This step needs to collect customers’ demands and behavior, then create a detailed customer persona.
  • Competitor research: Determine direct competitors, what are their strengths, weakness and how they approach the market. Then, find a possible way for your business to rock the market.

2. Planning

From the collected data, your next step is to create a digital marketing plan that clarifies:

  • Duration and marketing milestone
  • Separated budget for each phase
  • Action plan for each marketing channel

3. Execution

The next step is to implement and stick to the digital marketing strategy. Ensure that you can follow it on time and qualify enough to reach out to customers.

4. Measure and report

This is the last step to completing a successful digital marketing campaign. To see how your campaign performed, create a report that includes

  • Results and cost for each result
  • What are the conclusions and how to improve the following campaigns?

All-in-one Digital Marketing Solutions for SMEs

Planning & Strategy

Offer an approachable digital marketing strategy that fits your budget:

  • Market & competitors’ research
  • Approach marketing plan & communication channels
  • Proposed budget allocation

Sales Kit Creation

Build the sales material in a consistent way that presents your values, benefits, and high-quality services:

  • Flyers – brochure
  • Business card
  • Stationaries
  • Standee
  • Business profile

Social media

Support your business in selecting the suitable platform which helps approach the right audiences. Also improve the business presence by:

  • Build a professional digital profile
  • Identify target customer & recommended content ideas
  • Design social media template that matches the brand identity
  • Content creation

Email Marketing

Automated send promotion emails to nurture users and get more leads:

  • Set up the Email tool
  • Create Email Sequence


  • Keyword research on CHplay & Appstore platform
  • Optimize application information
  • Design thumbnail images

Content Creation

Conque your target customers and bring them to the bottom of the sales funnel by producing quality content:

  • Content plan (3-6 months)
  • Content creation
  • Illustrate image design


Beat your competitor in the search engine result. Visualize your website in all stages from building awareness to taking action through SEO activities:

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO & Off-page SEO
  • SEO plan
  • SEO-Friendly Blog
  • Tracking and report

Facebook & Google Ads

Push the brand awareness and conversion rate in the most effective way through paid ads including:

  • Budget distribution plan
  • Determine target customer groups
  • Set up ads campaigns
  • Tracking and measure


Automate response to customers’ messages to enhance customer satisfaction with Chatbot

  • Setup Facebook auto-response
  • Build Chatbot flow

Ultimate digital solutions for businesses

With the strength of specialized teams, Enosta not only provides Digital Marketing services but also fully meets the solution to build, develop and bring your products to market successfully. Enosta provides:


Website Development

Graphic Design & UX/UI

Product Design

For 5+ years of assisting startups and SMEs, Enosta deeply understands the difficulties in their go-to-market journey. Thus, Enosta believes that our solutions can bring your values and unlock business success.

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