Digital Presence & Why it Matters for Business in 2023

digital presence 2022

Along with the digital transformation, brands and businesses also need to change in order to adapt to the new market. According to this, Digital Presence become more important than ever. This is a new term that brings your brand up to a new level and gains a bigger belief from your target audiences. So let’s begin with the most basic thing:

I. What is Digital Presence?

Digital presence is your business appearance on online platforms. It can be mentioned as websites, content, social media, search engines, etc. Some users might approach your website while searching for a related product, or visiting your Facebook page by a paid advertisement.

In particular, the digital presence of a strong brand includes:

  • A website
  • Social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Office or store locations (Google My Business, Google Maps, etc.)
  • Paid ads (social ads, Google ads, etc.)
  • Review (rating & review website, forum)

The digital presence brings your brand an ideal platform to communicate with consumers. It’s a chance for your business to set itself apart from competitors and get more sales.

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II. Why Digital Presence matters in 2023?

In a digital transformation era, everyone has their own mobile phone and a laptop with internet-connected. Thus, investing in the digital platform is a vital step for any business. This is your blue sea to approach potential customers and build strong relationships.

When users use digital platforms like search engines, it’s obvious to be presented online.

Enhance showcasing opportunities

It can be seen that the digital platform is a wide, fertile area. Showcasing services or products can gain much more effectiveness by diverse alternatives such as online portfolios, websites, social media photo albums, Youtube videos and so much more.

Improve Brand Awareness

It’s much easier for customers to find you when your business is available online. The Internet is the first thing that pops up in customers’ minds when they search for a service or product. Especially for a brand-new business, a digital presence can bridge the gap for your consumers. On top of that, it’s completely free to promote your brand online. Apart from paid advertising and targeted advertising, an impressive digital presence can approach people from thousands of miles away with a single click.

A Digital Presence Builds Relationships

From monologue to two-way communication, digital channels, especially social media helps strengthen the relationship with customers in the most effective way. Once your brand acquires a characteristic, it helps you get closer to customers and provides a human touch. If your business doesn’t have a social media channel, you are missing out on a free resource to bloom your brand.

III. What makes a strong digital presence?

Visual identity

What will you think of when you heard about Disney? The Mickey’s round ears I bet. Also when mentioning Apple, you think about the half-bitten apple right away. That’s the importance of visual identity!

When it comes to visual identity, the logo is the initial element that reminds your brand to customers. Logo directly affects customers’ brand awareness as well as their buying decision. Thus, brands invest much effort in creating a logo that perfectly presents their characteristics and profession.

You can consider creating a mascot for you brand to communicate with audiences in the most native way.

Besides, there are more elements that are needed for a strong brand identity for example color, typo, shapes, design style, etc.


The website is an important touchpoint where you can introduce, showcase, and sell your products. This is an own media that businesses can easily control and track data for better performance. Install Google Analytics to measure traffic, page views, user behaviors, and so much more.

Creating an attractive and eye-catching web design can guide the prospect through your site and pursue them to take action. Besides, people search for services or products on their mobile phones. Thus, you need to make your website responsive and mobile-friendly. Ensure that your website automatically adjusts itself to function best on all devices, referred to as a “responsive” or “mobile-friendly” design.

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digital presence

Social media

While the company website is the first place customers get to know about your business, social media is the next place where they affirm their perception.

The age range of netizens has become wider and wider, which means you can target any type of customer as long as you choose the right platform. For example, Facebook is an informative channel that suits news and up-to-date status. Instead, Instagram is a perfect place for artists and photographers while Linkedin is a professional platform that connects businesses.

Business listing

It’s a waste if you don’t name your business on the publish channel. There are many free platforms that can help you reach thousands of audiences including Google My Business, Google Map, Trustpilot, Clutch, etc.


Have you ever thought about the way Google ranks a website? How do they know which pages are relevant and beneficial for users? That’s how SEO works!

digital presence 2022

Creating unique content by applying SEO techniques is an effective way with a tight budget. Use keywords and phrases that your customers might use to find you online. Doing this right will surely be beneficial to you as you will start seeing inquiries coming your way over time.

These are some fundamentals that need to be implemented to help the online presence of your business, but it is not exhaustive. Look at your digital presence and marketing efforts as a long-term investment.

Digital advertising

In case you need faster solutions, digital ads can be a replacement for SEO. The most popular ads are Google and Facebook ads. Setting up it in the right way, you can reach leads at a competitive price.

Content marketing

Blog posts, eBooks, white papers, case studies, sales one-pagers, and product spec sheets — are all content marketing assets that are crucial to building an online presence. Content, in many ways, will be your most potent tool for defining and strengthening your web presence. High-quality content can help you increase your chances of ranking well for key terms and engage prospects, nurture leads and become a thought leader.

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Why you shouldn’t build your Digital Presence by yourself?

Digital presence takes time to build and gain effectiveness, it’s can take months and even years to have a position in the market. That’s the reason why you need to build it carefully and smartly. One false step leads to another. Once your audiences think of your brand in a completely different way, there is nearly no chance to reset.

To save time and resources, you better build your digital presence with an expert who accompanies you through the journey. Or at least they can draft out a strategy that you can follow and execute. If you still wondering how to make it through, our branding solutions will help you! Take the chance for your business here:

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