Digital Product Design and Development Solutions

In the digital era, products are not only about physical devices which are often found in the store. Modern products are becoming more common which leads to strong demand for product design and development.

What is digital product design?

Initially, let’s take a deeper understanding of what a digital product is.

A digital product is a product that is developed by programming languages. It could be a mobile application, software, website, CRM, or SaaS that brings value to users.

Product design is a part of new product development. It’s a process of identifying opportunities, defining problems, and how to solve them with specific features.

Digital Product Design Process

design thinking process

Design thinking is a common process in creating a product. With this method, the team can get hidden insights and come up with innovative answers. The five stages of Design thinking include:


Research about your target audiences, see their needs, and learn about them deeply.


Analyze the data based on the Empathize phase to identify the main problems.


Look for alternative ways to view the problem and generate innovative solutions to the problem you found in the previous stage.


Creating a prototype lets designers see if they’re on the right track, and it often sparks different ideas that you haven’t come up with.


Return to your users for feedback. Validate your solution and improve it based on users’ responses.

Digital Product Design and Development Services

There is a common misunderstanding that product design is just about the visual. Actually, it’s more than that!

To deliver the best version, the product design phase needs to be involved by the design team, the BA, the development team or even the Business Development and the product owner.

Understand the demand for high expertise in product design, Enosta offers an A-Z professional design package including

UX design

  • Wireframing
  • User flow
  • Sitemap
  • Prototyping
  • User & market research

UI design

  • Graphic interface
  • Animation prototype
  • UI guidelines & Kit
  • Data visualization

System design

  • UI library
  • Storefront
  • Guidelines & principle
  • Branding

Product design project from Enosta

HCA: UNICEF e-resource portal

Belonging to the HCA – A global project of UNICEF to build Healthy Cities for Adolescents, Enosta Agency had chanced to become a UNICEF partner when expanding the project in Danang. This is an e-resource portal that is child-friendly and easy to use.

You can see the full showcase at our Behance

product design and development

Smartos Booking: Work Space booking app

Belonging to the Smartos ecosystem, Smartos Booking is a B2C application that allows space hunters to find, compare and make inquiries for the best working space.

Also, Smartos is a product that Enosta has grown from the very early stage.

digital product design

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