How To Build A Landing Page In 10 Steps – Detailed Guide

How to build a landing page

Landing pages are the most effective tool to increase customer conversion rates today. It helps businesses to optimize selling costs and makes it easier for them to connect with potential customers. So what is Landing Page? How to build a landing page? Let’s find the answer with Enosta through the article below!

I. What is a landing page?

A landing page usually is a one-page website with a specific purpose. Normally, the objective of a landing page is to convert visitors into customers and increase conversion rates through CTA buttons. 

II. What are landing pages used for?

Provide detailed product information

Many people will question that a Website can also provide product information to customers, so why do we need a Landing Page to do this? That’s right, websites often provide better information than landing pages, so it is suitable for businesses that sell more than 1 product. Once you build a single landing page for each product, it will help highlight the product you want to convey significantly. In addition, the landing page has no navigation to other pages, so you can focus on providing more information about that product or service to customers.

Increase website traffic

One of the great benefits of Landing Pages is to help increase traffic to the main website. Many reports have shown that an optimized Landing Page will help drive organic traffic to the website more effectively than a paid advertisement. As a result, your products will have the opportunity to reach more customers.

Increase conversion rate 

This is a great benefit that Landing Pages bring to businesses. The content related to promotions, features, or user guides of products all displayed on the landing page will evoke action better. That leads to an increase in user motivation to purchase, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Everything will be improved if you know how to build a good landing page. Taking advantage of attractive images, engaging content, and call-to-action buttons to turn leads into customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

Building a landing page is a way for you to increase your brand awareness. Remember to use a consistent style and content that is followed the main website. As a result, the landing page will help you to express your brand significantly.

how to build a landing page

IV. How to build a landing page

To create a Landing Page you will go through 10 steps as follows. Let’s find out together!

Define your goal 

Before creating a Landing Page, you need to be able to answer the question “Why do you need a Landing Page?”. That is your goal.

A great landing page needs to have clear and measurable goals. This will also help you determine what elements you need to include. In addition, it will also make it easier for you to design.

Use the Call-To-Action button to direct visitors to:

  • Fill out a form or survey
  • Sign up for a free trial 
  • Download ebook 
  • Order a product 
  • Register for a webinar 
  • Get a coupon…. 
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Provide their contact information

The more choices you offer people, the longer they take to make a decision. So be clear and simple, your audiences will be more likely to take the action.

  • Keep a copy brief and make sure everything you place on the page is relevant to its purpose.
  • Use visuals to keep the focus on the most important part of the page
  • Make sure any header or side links don’t distract from the core mission of the page.

Landing Page Design

After defining your goals, it’s time to design your layout and build a landing page. You can also use landing page templates. However, having a unique design is more professional. Why should you not use the available template for Landing Pages? We will explain clearer at the bottom of this article! 

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Create content for Landing Page

Creating content is an important step. The first factor you need to do is the headline. This is the first impression that your landing page brings to customers. It compels visitors to stay and read continuously. A successful headline should mention the benefits you are offering in a short sentence (around 10 words and not longer than 20). The headline needs to get to the point and include your product/service. You can add a sub-headline. However, make sure it’s not too lengthy but easy to read and understand immediately

Here are some tips you need to accomplish:

  • The headline can grab the readers’ attention
  • It should just tell about the product or service only
  • The headline should be short. No more than 20 words. Perfectly, it limits to 10.

The next is to create the body content, which is very important to describe your product. To highlight, you should emphasize promotions or benefits that your product brings. One tip for you is to keep the content short and providing as much value as possible.

Create Call – To – Action Button

The Call to Action (CTA) is a sentence that you want your visitors to take action on. It can be Shop Now. Sign Up. Try It. Contact Us. See Our Video or anything else.

The best landing page accentuates only one CTA. Here are some tips to make your CTA the best

  • Make sure the CTA is displayed at least once in a visually distinct, centralized, and obviously buttony-looking button. Don’t make people guess what they should click on.
  • Use visual cues, such as arrows or images of people looking at the button, to draw the eye.
  • If you have more than one CTA, please make the primary one much more outstanding.
  • If you have content below the fold, repeat the CTA. Always make it easy and compelling for the visitor to take the desired action.

A strong CTA does 3 things:

  • Outstanding color, whatever color you use on CTA, make it distinct from the rest of the page
  • Make your copy compelling: The word “Submit” is never enough. Try something more interesting and stand out.
  • Use a button: A text link is not attractive enough. Design a simple button that can probably grab visitor attention

Use eye-catching images

More people have first noticed pictures compared with content. Some even don’t bother to read the headline, the image, however, might attract and persuade them to read the whole page.

Your picture should be qualified for:

  • Have a big size
  • Highly relevant to your product or service, especially for tangible product
  • Export as a high-quality

Social Proof 

People tend to place greater value on things that other people have already approved. That is why most sites will tend to display evidence of such social validation:

  • A list of customers
  • Press mentions
  • Usage statistics
  • Testimonials

Add branding elements

The landing page needs to be designed similarly to the website. You need to add your brand elements to your landing page to increase brand awareness. The company logo, colors, and fonts,… all need to be identical.

Add Tracking

You have a beautiful landing page, but how do you know if it’s working or not? You need to install a tracking tool and regularly check the analytics on your landing page. Google Analytics is an example. Review and analyze the actions of users when accessing the Landing page to optimize your Marketing campaigns.

Optimizing SEO

The next step is SEO optimization. This will help landing pages get more traffic.

Some factors you need to note when optimizing SEO for the Landing page:

  • Keyword research
  • Title tag
  • Meta Description 

III. Some other factors that make a good landing page

Pursuable offer

An offer is a benefit you provide to your visitors. It can be coupons or discounts, a free trial or free version of the product, a gift…

Whatever you offer, try pairing it with a deadline to create a sense of urgency and spur a response.

Determine who you want to target, then offer them things

If you want people to sign up for your webinar, you’ll need to highlight what the user is going to learn from you and how it will benefit them.


It’s more convincing when you show them that they should take action as soon as possible. If it’s not urgent, visitors have a tendency to skip and access it later, but actually, they forget. 

Add some words such as “NOW”, “ACT TODAY, or “Available offer today only”, etc.


Video is a booming way to convey information. Thus, you can use a video to move people down to the sales funnel. Eye View Digital has shown that using video can increase conversions by 86% on landing pages.

Keep in mind that a good video is no longer than 2 minutes, it’s better around 30s.

Tidy visual

  • A clean, simple design with plenty of white space keeps people trained on your call to action.
  • Big font makes it easy and compelling for them to read and understand what your site is all about.
  • Bullets make big blocks of copy easy to scan.

Method of contact

Some customers want to ask for more information before following the call to action. Adding detailed contact information to your landing page shows that your business is trustworthy.

Choose an easy way for your audience to contact.

Consider adding a live chat where you can show you’re present and responsive.

V. Should a template landing page be used?

When you search for the keyword “Template Landing Page” on Google, you can find out many websites that provide available templates even for free.

However, using a template has a lot of risks that you may not realize. First, once you rely on a template, there are certain limitations. You cannot change the template texture or appearance or even navigation. This makes it very difficult to make a difference from the original templates.

The next issue is the SEO factors. Using templates will cause you to use the same system code as many other templates and websites. This might harm your SEO.

Finally, an important issue is the security factor. Because it is a shared template, the case of a website using a template that leaks information is very likely to happen.

Thus, if you have a long-term strategy that wants to increase the conversion rate through the landing page, using the template is not recommended. The best way is to have a creative, unique Landing Page for your own business. Consider hiring a web design agency to deliver the most version of your landing page.

V. Why should we need a Website rather than a Landing Page?

The main difference between a landing page and a website is its purpose. The purpose of a website is for users to discover products and businesses, and a landing page is to call leads to take action. Build a website with a content management system so any non-coder can customize it.

You can create a standalone landing page. However, you should have a website for your business that will make it easier to host the landing page. In addition, the Website is a factor to help you increase trust with your customers.

how to build a landing page

Websites also help you confirm to customers that your brand is real. For businesses looking to expand their Digital Presence, creating trust for customers through brands or products is even more important.

At Enosta, we build a full website that meets your various demands, from an E-Commerce Website to a Business Website, Non-Profit Website, Personal Website, and much more.

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