How to Create Brand Positioning to Build a Unique Brand


Do you know that the way to create a brand positioning map in your market is an extremely important factor to affirm the position of a business in the hearts of customers? That’s why famous brands in the world are increasingly attracting customers even though their prices are higher than the general market. Therefore, businesses are interested in investing in creating brand positioning. So, how to create brand positioning properly? Is there a way to effectively create it? 

Now, Enosta will support you to clearly understand the brand positioning statement and the way to create it.

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1. What is brand positioning?

According to Kotler – the “father” of modern marketing, he has defined that: “the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market.” 

Reality proved that he was right. After that, experts in the field of Marketing have also given many definitions of brand positioning.

However, you can understand that: Brand positioning is an activity to position and makes your brand different compared to other brands. Through brand positioning, customers will remember and potentially select your products.

2. Why is brand positioning important?

Let’s imagine! If your product were put on the same shelf as competitors, customers choose the competitor’s product instead of yours. Certainly, these are things that no business wants to have. In both rebranding and creating a new one, brand positioning always plays an important role!

Brand positioning will make an important contribution to:

  • Easy to build marketing strategy: Identifying competitors and trends in the market will be easier to build a strategy that conquers customers effectively.
  • Being an “effective right-hand man” to expand your business: You don’t need to spend too much time and money to create tons of strategies. However, you still ensure to maintain your reputation for customers.
  • Sustainable business development: Customers are always willing to spend money to buy products of trusted brands, highly appreciated in the market. From the beginning, when customers believe that one product of a brand is good, all products of that brand will be quality. As a result, creating loyal customers and helping businesses develop sustainably is no longer too difficult!

3. What is the type of brand positioning?

Depending on purpose and strategy, there will be appropriate brand positioning methods.

Understand clearly the rational and emotional buying motives to define your brand better.

3.1 Product quality-based positioning

This is the fundamental factor. Accordingly, if you impress your customers with good product quality, you can be successful in brand positioning.

3.2 Value positioning

Value is what they get compared to their money spent to buy the product. In other words, it is the Value of Money. Therefore, “you will get what you pay for” or even more than what they spend, the brand will quickly have a firm foothold in the hearts of customers.

how to create brand positioning

3.3 Relationship-based positioning

Good relationships with customers will easily touch their hearts. For instance, this strategy does not base on the product, it comes from the customer of the brand.

3.4 Desire-based positioning

This will create confidence and the feeling that customers will achieve when they buy the product.

3.5 Problem and solution positioning

With this positioning, the brand will show customers that “we will help them solve their problems”.

3.6 Competitor-based positioning

A positioning strategy based on comparison with direct competitors. It is also applied effectively by many famous brands in the world.

3.7 Emotion-based positioning

All emotions derive from personal demands. Thus, emotions are the fastest way to conquer customers’ hearts.

3.8 Features-Based Positioning

This positioning is based on the benefits to customers. This is a safe positioning, winning the trust and favor of customers.

4. How to effectively create brand positioning?

Before starting, you must keep in mind that brand positioning is important for any business. It needs to be done thoughtfully.

Step 1: Identify target customers.

Target customer is the one who is willing to spend money to buy your product. Therefore, if the object is wrongly identified, it will directly affect the business.

You can identify and analyze customers through the 5W1H model or Customer Persona Analysis to know:

– Who are they?

– What do they need and are interested in?

– What is the solution to their problem?

You must identify detailed customers who the brand is targeting. This will help you stay on track in the positioning.

Step 2: Identify competitors and their positioning

In the market, having the same customer segment is inevitable. Creating something unique in the mind of the customer is your responsibility. To avoid duplication, you need to research the competitor’s positioning before deciding to choose your positioning.

For instance, you can research that focuses on measuring how customers think about products in the market, competitors, etc. Hence, you can determine your differences.

how to create strong brand positioning in your market

Step 3: Research the product and find the difference

Each product that is well-established in the market must have a difference to create a highlight in the customer’s mind. Thus, the business needs to research its products from all angles to find unique points.

The important thing is to turn the weakness of competitors into the strength of your brand.

Step 4: Brand positioning

This is the decisive step for the success of brand positioning.

There are 9 methods that are recommended above, you can research to choose the most suitable method for your business.

From product launches, brand identity design to media, all must be unified to express a message. This helps to clearly show your positioning.

It doesn’t matter which method you choose, it matters how you implement it. Therefore, as long as you have a clear direction and purpose, your brand positioning will achieve the desired effect.

Step 5: Evaluate the effectiveness of brand positioning

The evaluation helps you see the effectiveness of your brand positioning. If positioning is successful, you need to promote it more widely. However, if the positioning is wrong, you need to check all steps to find the error and fix it on time.

Enosta hopes to contribute to helping you be aware of how to effectively position your brand. However, in the race between brands, having a firm foothold in the hearts of customers is not easy. Therefore, if you still have questions about brand positioning, contact Enosta to receive suitable advice about this expertise

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