Needed Key Message Elements for a Marketing Campaign

key message elements for marketing campagin

A successful marketing campaign includes 6 essential parts: Goals & tracking, insight & targeting, key messages, media plan & budget, campaign asset production, and campaign execution. In this article, let’s see an example of a key message in advertising and explore the notion of it for a successful marketing campaign!

Why are key messages important in a marketing campaign?

The very first step of a communication strategy is to build a key message, but also more effective business practices that lead to improved customer experience levels. It will result in the brand communicating in “a single voice”, across various channels and audience groups. This will lead to Effective Frequency that will attract audiences’ attention and get positive responses.

Some of the key elements that are addressed in a messaging workshop include:

What, who, why?


A good key message begins with the original target of your company. Read again all your previous materials especially the persona and customer journey map before coming up with the first one.

To have a better result, you better revisit the company objectives and positioning to reaffirm the outcomes that your messaging will help achieve.

It would also be wise to learn from some of the existing brand messaging examples to be clearer about the organization’s values, identity, and voice.

Who & Why?

Once you have precise knowledge of the organization and its values, it’s time to focus on the “Who,” which is your target audience.

When developing a marketing message, you should strive to avoid making it sound like everybody else’s. For that, you’ll need to conduct a thorough messaging analysis to define the key messages and concepts other organizations are using.

Then figure out the ideas and keywords you want to associate with your product launch strategy.

Key message elements that convert

Short and simple

The message should be fewer than 12 words immediately express what’s important. You don’t have enough time to convey a long sentence so make it short and memorable


Some brands lost this point when they name their key message in a mysterious way. Stimulating creativity is worth trying but ensuring it is under control


A key message can represent your brand. Take it seriously and differently! It’s not a pleasure if people mess up your brand with others, right?


Imagine that you are talking to your customer, which tones of voice you will speak, and which tone they would like to hear.


Based on your customer persona add emotional features to your key message. Don’t focus too much on delivery information, weak marketing messages are all work and no play. Having a tinge of humor can be a plus


Prioritize accessible and active language which is easy to say aloud. Some slang words can be accepted if you target the right group. It’s risky, so, be careful!

However, key messages are not everything about digital marketing. Take a deeper exploration of digital marketing services and be prepared for a thriving business

key message for marketing campaign

Examples of key messages in a successful marketing campaign


  • Give Coke for ultimate family fun
  • Share a Coke, connect friends


  • I’m loving it
  • Quick and quality food
  • We love to see your smile
  • Lovin’ Beats Hatins’


  • A perfect cup of coffee
  • ‘Third place’ between home and work
  • Customer service: welcoming, personalized
  • A good life with a good cup of coffee

Which key message impressed you the most? Can you generate an exclusive key message that perfectly conveys your idea for the online marketing strategies?

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