5 Steps In Mascot Design And How To Bring Your Brand Closer To Customers

mascot design

Mascot design requires a significant amount of effort and attention to detail. You have to go through many steps to bring a remarkable mascot to life. Discover these guidelines to create a winning one.

I. The 5 Steps to Designing a Mascot

As a member of the ENOUVO Group ecosystem, Enosta has a chance to work with Enouvo Space – a modern space in Da Nang to design their mascot named Espi! Let’s take a closer look at how Enosta brought this adorable character to life.

Step 1: Choose the right type of Mascot that matches your brand

There are 3 main types of Mascot, including:

  • Human: represent a real person, such as Colonel Sanders – the founder of KFC. Or a fictional character, a superhero, like Mr. Clean.
  • Animals: Some brands opt for a particular animal due to the direct association between the animal and the product, for example: cow and milk (The Laughing Cow mascot). Meanwhile, others select an animal based on its archetypal traits. Duracell, for instance, chose a rabbit as its mascot due to their characteristic feature of being incredibly fast runners.
  • Objects: There are two categories of object characters. The first type utilizes the object to construct the character’s body, such as the Michelin Man made out of tires. Meanwhile, the second type brings the object to life, as seen in the M&M’s Spokescandies.

Depending on the brand’s personality, each kind of Mascot has a distinct significance. 

For Espi, this character a stylized image of a dragon, which holds deep significance. The dragon is a symbol of Da Nang city – the Dragon Bridge spans across the Han River.

mascot design

Step 2: Select a personality for the Mascot

Mascots aren’t just static designs. In the digital world, Mascot become lively in order to better convey the message. So you need to spend a lot of time shaping the Mascot’s personality to match your brand.

Based on your branding, think about how your mascot interacts with consumers to define personality.

Take Espi, for instance – an anthropomorphized mascot who serves as a friendly companion to customers. With its simple appearance, cheerfulness, and friendliness, Espi quickly wins over the hearts of audiences and accompanies them on a journey to discover Enouvo Space‘s stories, creating a deeper connection along the way.

There are countless personality elements that you can choose for your Mascot personality. To make it more specific, engaging, and memorable, consider adding human features, especially if you chose an animal or item as your Mascot.

mascot design

Step 3: Choose a pose, emotion, outfit, and background for the Mascot

First, to determine the Mascot’s feelings, think about the personality you built for it in step 2. Espi is a figure that exhibits both positive and negative feelings. Such as joy, excitement, pride or sadness, remorse, embarrassment, etc

The mascot’s posture and actions also depend on the character and the context in which it is used. As a Mascot design of a co-working space, the image of Espi happily carrying a laptop and a cup of coffee must be familiar to those who regularly follow Enouvo Space. Additionally, you may select different Mascot postures based on each profession.

Discover Enosta’s Mascot Espi Family design!

The Mascot’s outfit doesn’t need to be changed often. However, switching up your attire will help you diversify the setting and give it a more vivid feel.

Finally, your mascot will become more vivid if placed in a specific context. Place your mascot in scenarios that can be relevant to the narrative of your character. Or the brand’s working environment, natural settings such as beaches, and forests.

mascot design

Step 4: Build a marketing strategy for the Mascot

Before you start designing, you must have a plan for content and visuals. This will help you identify what needs to be done, and better budget planning.

Let’s follow Enosta’s steps to build a strategy for the content and visuals of the character Espi!

  • Create a story for Espi: Espi is a small dragon, the pride of Danang city, and wants to promote the visual of Danang city to the world. Educating everyone that Da Nang is not only a tourist destination but also an inspiring and creative place to live and work.
  • Identify the main platform of the mascot – Social Media: This is an effective way for Enouvo Space customers to receive information in a more interesting way. Additionally, Espi helps blog and social media posts become more attractive and consistent.
  • Step up animations with simple movements for Espi: Customers will more easily recall the character Espi with the support of animations. Enosta has created a variety of Espi actions for usage in Enouvo Space banner ads and commercials.

Animating your Mascot Design

Step 5: Make a Mascot design 

This is the most important step when designing the mascot. You should choose a reputable branding agency to research and coordinate well with the business. From there, creating a Mascot in line with brand orientation and strategy. There are two important points to remember when you want to design a mascot:

  • Copyright: Ensure the character is completely new and not copied. Even better, you can apply for a copyright for your mascot.
  • Appearance: Whether you’re hiring a design team or creating the Mascot character by yourself, having a basic knowledge of graphic design has many advantages, helping to convey the right value of your brand, or simply making the right request for the design team.

II. Some Engaging Mascot Designs of Enosta

1. ITPI – Mascot of Enouvo IT Solution

Enouvo IT Solutions was founded with a vision to bring useful and purposeful solutions to make people’s lives better, easier and more secure. After 10 years of efforts and challenges, ENOUVO is expanding its impact on a global scale.

We created their mascot by blending three elements: the Dragon Bridge, Enouvo IT and Love. The result is a mascot that exudes a friendly, humorous, and diligent personality.

2. STAPI – Mascot of Enosta Agency

Check out our very own mascot, STAPI – a friendly, creative, and teamwork-oriented character that embodies the spirit of our team’s love for collaboration and sharing.

3. CAPI – Mascot of Enouvo Cafe

Enouvo Cafe is a co-working & co-break area at Enouvo Space, providing good quality coffee, healthy juices, and smoothies which help to boost people’s mood at work.

We designed a dynamic and friendly mascot for them – CAPI that reflects the cafe’s vibrant atmosphere and sense of community.

4. TOS – Mascot of SMARTOS

Smartos offers a digital transformation solution for the rental real estate industry. Drawing inspiration from the robot bee – which is modern, hardworking and trustworthy, we brought the Smartos brand to life with a matching mascot – TOS.

Are you looking for ideas for your brand’s mascot? Look no further than Enosta, with our design experience and track record of creating successful mascots for numerous brands.

Let Enosta help you with mascot design now!

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