How Product Explainer Videos Can Benefit SAAS Products?

product explainer video

SaaS (Software as a Service) products are digital products that are delivered over the Internet, and they often require a certain level of understanding to use them effectively. A product explainer video can be an excellent tool to help potential customers understand what your SaaS product is, how it works, and why they should use it.

In this blog, we’ll show you the main reasons why explainer videos are so powerful, some typical types of videos you can think of for your products, and tips for creating effective videos for SaaS products.

I. 4 Main reasons Product Explainer Video is a useful Marketing tool for SaaS products

1. Communicating complex ideas

SaaS products often involve complex technology and processes, which can be difficult to explain in words alone. An explainer video is a solution for this issue.

First of all, this type of video uses simple and straightforward language. Avoid using jargon and complicated terminology. It explains concepts step by step in an easy-to-understand manner.

Secondly, the explainer video uses illustrations and animation to visualize the abstract concepts to show how the product works and what users can do with it.

Moreover, information can be repeated and key takeaways are summarized throughout the video. This will help reinforce the major ideas and stick them in the viewers’ minds.

product explainer video

2. Showing the benefits

Explainer videos usually focus on the benefits, not just the features. They can explain how the product can solve problems and make users more productive. The benefits are what really matters to users, not the technical details.

Explainer videos focus on the benefits

3. It’s captivating

Video is a highly engaging medium. An animated explainer video with an interesting story and visuals can capture the audience’s attention and interest them in your product.

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product explainer video

4. Increase the Brand Credibility

A high-quality explainer video helps to build trust in your brand and SaaS product. It shows you are professional and helps viewers feel more confident in what you’re offering.

Explainer videos boost Brand Credibility – ClickUp

II. Types of Explainer Video for SaaS products:

1. Product Explainer video:

This type explains how a product works and its key features and benefits for the users. The purpose of this video is to help potential customers understand a product that may be complex or unfamiliar.

Product Explainer video – Wordtune

2. Demonstration Explainer video:

A demonstration video or How-to video is the type of explainer video that walks viewers through a process step-by-step on how to use features and complete tasks within a SaaS solution.

This is a useful way to visually explain complex processes through on-screen instructions, narration, and screen recording. It provides viewers with easy-to-understand instructions that complement or replace lengthy and boring written guides.

Demonstration video – Mixpanel

3. Feature Explainer video:

This video focuses solely on explaining a specific feature or aspect of a product. They aim to:

  • Highlight the value and benefits of that one specific feature. Since it covers only one thing, the video can go into more detail and give examples to truly illustrate how the feature works and its benefits.
  • Help audiences understand what the feature does and why it’s useful. A feature explainer video can delve deeper into one area for those who want to learn more after seeing a high-level overview.
  • Generate interest in that aspect of the product or service. When searching for information on a specific feature people are more likely to find and engage with a video dedicated to explaining just that feature.
Feature Explainer video – Lusha

4. Brand Explainer video:

Brand explainer videos convey who a company is at its core – the personality, culture, values, and ambition behind the brand. They share the higher purpose and human story behind the products and services a brand offers to help connect viewers with the brand on an emotional level.

Brand Explainer video – Airbnb

III. Techniques to make a product explainer video

For each type of video we mentioned above, there are several techniques used to create. The specific technique chosen depends mainly on the budget, resources, and desired tone or style of the explainer video. Here are some kinds you can consider for your SaaS products.

1. Animation

Many explainer videos use some form of animation to visually explain concepts in an engaging way. There are different animation styles that can be used:

  • 2D animation: Flat artwork that is moved frame by frame to create the illusion of movement. Can be hand-drawn or done digitally.
2D animation video – Asana
  • 3D animation: Models and objects are rendered in 3D computer graphics software
3D animation video – Med Mart App
  • Whiteboard animation: Concepts are drawn and explained on a whiteboard or chalkboard in simple illustrations. Gives a more casual, informal feel.
Whiteboard animation video – Powtoon
  • Motion graphics: Uses graphic design elements, text, and visual effects to convey information without traditional animation.
Motion Graphics video – Slack

2. Live-Action

Some explainer videos use live actors, real locations, and objects to demonstrate a product or concept. This can give a more authentic, personal feel but requires more production resources.

Live-Action Explainer video – Amazon

3. Combination

This type is actually a combined technique, using both animation and live-action elements. This can leverage the strengths of each technique to clearly explain complex topics.

Combination of Animation & Live-Action in explainer video – Lusha

4. Screen Recording

Some shorter or more technical explainer videos simply consist of a screen recording of the product or interface being explained while a narrator provides a voiceover. This is a straightforward, lower-budget option.

Screen Recording Explainer video – Smartos

IV. Developing SaaS explainer videos that are compelling

We have gone through the reasons & benefits of using explainer videos to promote SaaS products. Now, let’s put them into action. Here are some tips for effective SaaS explainer videos.

  1. Solve your viewer’s problem. Start by framing your value proposition around solving a specific problem or need for your target customer. Get straight to the point about how your SaaS will make their life easier.
  2. Tell a story, don’t lecture. Avoid listing features and functions like a sales brochure. Instead, think of your video as a short story that follows a typical user through their journey using your product. This creates an emotional connection.
  3. Show, don’t just tell. Whenever possible, demonstrate key features visually by annotating screenshots, including footage of your product in use or reenacting scenarios. Visual explanations stick better than verbal-only descriptions.
  4. Keep it short and simple. Aim for 1 to 2 minutes maximum. Use short sentences and simple metaphors. The shorter and simpler you keep it, the sharper your key message will be.
  5. Use seamless transitions. Combine different scenes with smooth transitions to keep the video flowing
  6. End with a clear Call To Action. Close the video by prompting viewers to take the next step, whether that’s signing up for a free trial, downloading an app or requesting a demo. Tell them exactly what you want them to do next!

Product explainer videos are game changers for marketing SaaS products. They clarify complex concepts in an engaging way that words struggle with.

When done right, it can transform how people understand your product, generating more leads and sales. Although creating videos takes effort, the potential rewards far outweigh the costs.

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