13 Crucial Product Launch Event Checklist

product launch event checklists

The product launch event is the most important day to introduce your product, thus, check our checklist below to make sure you have a faultless day:

Before Launching Day Checklist

1. Analysis of your product

Before coming up with any plan, understand your product or service first.

analyze product target concept

2. Identify your primary target audience

Ask yourself, who are your clients? Who might be interested and who is willing to buy?

Besides, make sure you start creating a list of potential investors, clients, and partners.

3. Choose a concept, venue, and theme

Once you understand clearly about your product, try to come up with an appropriate concept.

Considering the place that presents your product’s value. If you’re releasing new software, for instance, choose a venue that’s been used for tech and IT shows.

An awesome venue for your corporate event certainly helps with marketing and attendee experience. Thus, prioritize your company location if it has a nice space & design.

Remember, don’t choose a venue that is too far from your business.

Stick to the concept and venue, and ensure that your theme relates to your brand, products, and target audience. Your theme should appear in any media post, leaflets, press release, or standee.

4. Make a media plan

To get the most of your launch, use media to make it viral. Interact with your followers by using hashtags, and pictures, updating news through Facebook live, etc.

You can even create a mini-contest and give the prize which drives your product and event.

Stimulating your audience by updating event status regularly. If you invite a famous speaker, don’t forget to take advantage of their reputation.

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5. Assign roles to your members

You can’t keep anything under control by yourself. Divide the duties and assign them to your team. Add a deadline and make sure you keep up with all these tasks.

6. Keep contact with journalists

Write a press release and confirm your launch date to make sure they will produce content and appear on an important day.

7. Send confirmation & reminder letter

Inform all stakeholders & guests at least 1 day before the due day. If you do not remember the event, some of them might forget.

product launch event checklist

8. Create a sales kit and promotional material

To gain the most sales results, make sure your sales material is prepared. Put effort into the content and the visuals as well.

Your sales team should be well-trained. How to use the product, what features to mention, how to answer customer’s concerns, how to sell it to various groups of clients?

9. Add an entertainment feature

It depends on your product to decide whether it needs entertainment or not. If your event is based on a business vibe, a leadership speaker is essential. Nevertheless, it’s more informal, hiring an entertainer might be a good idea.

10. Food

A launching event may last a few hours which demands the host to serve food and drink. Unless you want your guests to get starving, or worse, leave the event to buy food.

Finger food might fit this case, which they can eat easily without interrupting the even flow.

During the event

Make sure the logistic works well

It’s time you have to put a lot of effort into the details. Chairs, tables, lights sounds, or any small things need to be run smoothly.

Your backup plan should be prepared in case of electricity loss or rain (if your event is outdoor)

Operate the event running in the right time frame

Extra issues might pop up during your event which lengthens the time frame. Don’t panic and be flexible with it!

You can get rid of unimportant parts such as mini-games or entertaining performances if it’s necessary.

After Event

Thank you emails

The most essential when the event finishes is sending thank you to your attendants. In addition, you can send a feedback form to gain more engagement.

Social media after the event

Post moment pictures in your event to social media as soon as possible, and prioritize tagging your audiences to expand your brand.

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