Ultimate Timeline for Success Website Development

When it comes to web development, understanding the timeline is initial especially when you intend to hire an outsourcing agency. This blog will show a sample milestone that indicates the major stages of a good timeline for website development projects. Also giving a set length of time and objectives need to be accomplished in order to complete each stage. Let’s explore!

Phase 1: The project planning (2-5 weeks)

In the very first step, the product owner and the core team should gather together to storm the product idea. It’s important to finalize 2 things:

Objective & features

This is the initial phase of the project which determines its success. Work with the Business Analyst and jot down all of the necessary features and how to organize it. Prepare the answer to these questions:

  • What are the main points of building a website?
  • Who are your audiences?
  • Which function that you need your web to include?

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Phase 2: Designing (4-8 weeks)

Based on the brief and information gathered in the planning phase, it’s time for UX/UI designer to begin their work. This is the basic process of designing a website:


A sitemap is basically a planning tool for the design and structuralization of your website. It’s build-up the layout so that the end-users can easily find what they are looking for. A well-structured sitemap will make your website searchable by all search engines, offering users closer search results based on the keywords.


A wireframe is also known as a “skeletal frame” or a “screen blueprint” that illustrates the elements of a website. The wireframe act as the foundation of visual designs. Thus, it should be simple, focusing on the layout and content of each page.

User interface

User interface (UI) design is the process of building interfaces, focusing on appearance or style. It allows admins to control machines effectively and efficiently. A good UI should build the interaction between the user and the product as smoothly as possible.

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Phase 3: Content Creation and SEO (1-3 weeks)

To engage your audience at a higher level, content creation is the next step to focus on. Good website content consists of the following factors:

  • Good key messages: Spread the core values of your brand with an attractive key message
  • Strong calls to action: Arrange and produce converting calls to action to promote customers’ buying behavior.
  • SEO -Friendly (Search engine optimization): Doing both on-page, off-page SEO & technical SEO to attract organic traffic right after the web launch.

Phase 4: Web development (3-15 weeks)


This is when the website comes to use, based on what you have after all the previous steps. Development is the most intense phase of the entire project which takes 3 – 12 weeks on average. 90% of web performance is now depending on this step.

There are some platforms and languages to develop a website, the most common choice for an SEO-friendly website is HTML and WordPress is the first option. With an easy-to-use CMS, WordPress help shorten the development time and allow non-tech admins to easily edit and upload content.


Before officially launching the website, it should go through a strict testing round. In the testing phase, the website will be optimized across multiple browsers, screens, and mobile devices. The purpose is to ensure the site is performing as it should prior to launch. Normally, it will take 1-3 weeks to go through these criteria

  • Review and receive feedback from the intended audience and investors.
  • Ensure proper functioning across multiple devices, screen sizes, and web browsers.
  • Make sure the site looks and functions as per the specifications of the client.

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timeline for website development

Phase 5: Maintaining

Once a website has gone live, there needs to be ongoing upkeep, in terms of hosting and security, as well as content creation. There is also a great opportunity to keep improving the site based on real user feedback and requests. For some of our clients’ sites, we recommend scheduling periodic reviews so that the website is continually enhanced.

Why choose Enosta for Website Development?

Depending on the difficulty and the complication level, the timeline for website development will be flexible. However, each step mentioned above is essential to go through. Original as an IT Company, Enosta provides fulfill services to deliver the best version of your website.

Customer-centric and responsibility

Your business is our North start in any step. For each decision, Enosta will work with you closely to come up with the best solution. We ensure all the results are qualified and meet your requirements.

Up-to-date design delivery

We understand that your business needs to stand out from the market and not be outdated. Our design will help you with this!

Depending on the industry, we will level up your digital presence by converting designs that suit your target customer and get an impression.

All-in-one Web development solutions

A website development agency, normally, just offers the developing service based on available design templates. If you want to produce a unique website that perfectly adapts to your demand, you need to outsource another agency for UI/UX services.

timeline for website development

Also, if you want to make your web SEO-friendly, you need a different team to do SEO and generate content. This will cost you triple and waste so much time, and you have to put more effort into making these teams work together probably.

Working with Enosta, we help you solve all these problems!

Just tell us your demand, our team will help you to clarify it and deliver the best version of your business.

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