Enosta Named as a Top Branding Agency in Melbourne and Vietnam

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Branding has significantly evolved over the past decades, and we’re always seeing new strategies being introduced. In 2021, branding has become a primary factor in the success of a business. Here at ENOSTA, we support SMEs in their efforts to achieve better branding.

A Top Branding Agency in Vietnam during Clutch’s 2021 Leader Awards

Enosta is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Vietnam. We provide a comprehensive range of design solutions to our clients, helping them transform their identity into a unique and memorable brand. A team of seasoned branding professionals, ENOSTA creates only the most impressionable look and feel for your business.

Our passion for servicing clients is unparalleled, which is why we were exhilarated to find out that we’ve been recognized by Clutch! We’re thrilled to announce that ENOSTA is among the leading 2021 B2B leaders in Vietnam!

top agency vietnam

Enosta Branding Services

Digital branding design: Fulfill digital branding design that syncs with the brand identity:

  • Website design
  • Online Sales kits
  • Brand Guideline
  • Digital product design

Brand core: Enosta helps you define your brand’s core values. This is the basic foundation to guide businesses when building brand messages and identities:

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

Brand identity: Brand identity is the visual elements of a brand. Basically, to increase awareness with customers, a basic brand identity includes:

  • Logo – Text – Color – Shape – Style

Brand strategy: Analyze and come up with long-term strategies and orientations, giving businesses a position in the market:

  • Brand review
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand archetype
  • Brand architecture

Brand message: This is how brands present themselves and communicate with customers. Thereby, you will know how to conquer customers by blowing the brand soul into the words:

  • Brand essence (personality, tone of voice)
  • Tagline
  • Key message

Rebranding: Completely refresh your brand image to make a difference, new and modern, suitable for the market.

In 2022, Enosta is proud to be named at the Top 2 Branding Agencies at Viet Nam and Top 5 Branding Agencies at Melbourne, Australia. Once again, Enosta thanks for your choice and belief when being our partner in the go-to-market journey.
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