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AXIOM Academy is #1 skill-school for kids in Vietnam, cultivating authentic, happy and successful kids through 3 fundamental skills: Self-awareness, Critical Thinking and Collaboration.

The problems

Their previous logo was uninviting to children due to its sharp, angular design and dull colors. This, coupled with inconsistent deployment on social media channels, resulted in a muddled brand identity. They engaged us to craft a re-branding identity that would stand out and be true to the brand.

Our Branding Concept & Approach

New Logo Goes Kid-

Retaining Axiom’s original logo concept with rectangle, triangle, and circle shapes to represent their skill set, our team updated the design with softer lines and 5 eye-catching colors: green, light blue, dark blue, yellow, and orange – which symbolize growth, relaxation, trust, happiness, and energy, appealing to both children and parents.

Brighten Up the Feed

We created visuals for AXIOM’s social media posts that incorporates the 3 basic geometric shapes and bright colors. Our aim was to capture the brand’s spirit and evoke a sense of joy and dynamism.

Consistent Branding
Across Materials

We also crafted a suite of marketing materials, including brochures, business cards, templates, company profiles, …All featuring a unified design in line with the new brand guidelines.

Let's make it move

We want Axiom to communicate with their audiences in a better way, and motion video is the best format to do it. Let’s see how Enosta use graphic element to introduce Axiom logo


Enosta is so proud of helping Axiom to deliver exactly child-friendly vibes through visuals. This revolution has changed the opportunity to communicate with parents and get their impression.