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UK Alumni is a global network for people from around the world who have studied in the UK as an overseas students hosted by British Council. The Study UK Alumni Awards is an annual program that celebrates and showcases the impact and value of a UK higher educator. Also, raise the international profile of UK alumni and their former universities.

The Idea

Running a promotion campaign for the Study UK Alumni Awards to get 40 submissions in phase 1. Then, advertising the winners and finalists to raise their profile to bring new connections and business opportunities in phase 2.


We build a MarCom squad to promote British Council’s Study UK Alumni Awards 2023 program on omnichannel, focusing on Paid Ads and Public Relations.

Approach Potential Candidates

In phase 1, Enosta started reaching high-profile UK Alumni by integrating PESO channels:

  • Paid media: Facebook ads and PR articles
  • Earned media: Seeding on Alumni and abroad studying groups
  • Shared media: Create material and support to connect communication network
  • Owned media: Social media content on Facebook and personal reaching to target candidates on Linkedin

Spreads the Rewarding

Once the Awards has been celebrated successfully, we moved to phase 2 to spreading the winner and finalist through PR articles and Facebook ads.


We successfully get 45 submissions, equal 113% KPIs in phase 1 and more than 400,000 views, reaching 397% KPIs in phase 2.