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About the Client

G.A.P is a Talent Training & Development Institute aiming to turn Vietnamese talents into Globally Acknowledge Professionals through insightful programs

The Challenges

G.A.P Institute has grown based on strong personal connection of the founder. However, their brand awareness is the converse. Also, wasting their resource on B2C courses get them to being lost from the main target.

The Solutions

Start from the inside out

  • We aimed to rebrand G.A.P from the most basic one, consistent with the brand identity and personality that resonate with the business perspective
  • Rebuild the website that matches the target audiences following the new guideline.
  • Then, launched a marketing strategy that directly approaches B2B target customers

Reborn the Brand

Starting with the brand essence, we prioritize sitting down with the founders of G.A.P Institute and listening to their stories. Many passions, many targets but a brand need a stable direction to stick on, and Enosta helped G.A.P to figure it out.

A clear brand essence has been stated which became a guideline to shape the brand identity. The key visual has launched that is professional and matching with the new positioning.

Renovate the Website

Website is always an important touchpoint and we want to make it the most utility to earn more users, bear the brand in mind, transfer information and get sales.

Rock the Market

Once everything is settled down, it’s time to invest in Digital Marketing. Touchpoints are important for a newborn business, thus we put all our effort into promoting B2B businesses on multichannel. Combined with paid ads, G.A.P Institute new version has rock the market!

The results

We successfully delivered a new appearance for G.A.P that match a new positioning.

In the first month of 2023, we just hit 40% of our revenue target for the entire year.