To understanding the deepest pain of women’s hair and skin, Hong Minh founded Holbe with the design to help ladies who have the same problems to regain their inherent confidence with a luminous appearance



  • Beautycare
  • Branding

State the brand name

The brand name should presents women’s beauty from the inside out. It’s the beauty of the look, the shape, and the wellness. Not only focus on wearing beautiful makeup, Holbe go deeper to achieve HOLISTIC glamour and lasting results. Also, Holbe believes that true BEAUTY is emanated from inner confidence and each person will shine in their own way

Let's the visual tells story

With the brand philosophy of being gorgeous from the inside out, HolBe will help you to become more confident and be shining in your own way. You will feel free to show up your barefaced and take a selfie without any filter

The shape of logo

With the metaphor of using the opened shell that reveals the shining pearl, HolBe hopes all the ladies can discover their inherent beauty and become more confident, brighter, and shinier just like the precious pearl

Origin of the main color

We prioritize the color that can spread the brand spirit of trust, quality, and high end class. Also, as an Asian brand, Holbe does believe in Feng Shui. Those leads Enosta to select the color set of yellow and grey that presents Metal, one of five traditional elements of the universe