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MAX Education advises and nurtures Vietnamese students’ study abroad dreams, from primary to university level. Their team of instructors and advisors, who graduated from prestigious universities worldwide, not only foster fundamental knowledge but also inspire students to excel in global learning environments.


MAX aimed for a strong digital marketing platform to lessen reliance on the founder’s personal brand and attract customers


We helped them build a comprehensive Digital Marketing foundation covering everything from strategic planning, execution to optimization, including Paid Ads, Content marketing, SEO,…

Winning Content
Marketing Strategy

We focused on insightful content that resonated with MAX’s target audience, using stunning visuals and engaging videos.

Approach to Paid Advertising

After conducting thorough research, we launched paid ad campaigns on social media and Google, featuring persuasive messaging and targeting specific audience segments to drive conversions.

SEO & Website

We did an in-depth analysis of their online presence, identifying opportunities for improvement. We then optimized MAX’s website structure, navigation, and content to ensure it was friendly to users and search engines.


MAX is now a thriving study abroad consultancy with a growing customer base. Their website significantly improved during our partnership, and we also served as their strategic advisor to help them achieve their goals