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SMARTOS is a Rental Real Estate Management System created to help space providers automate their processes, optimize operations, increase revenue and improve their customer satisfactions.

Brief Recap

The rental space management market that SMARTOS aim to is totally new in Vietnam which is a strong barrier for them to entry. Thus, Enosta helped SMARTOS to educate, connect, and resonate with their target audiences, then achieve greater brand awareness and drive revenue.

Product Design Solution

  • We developed a line of prop-tech product to simplify the management process for property owners and tenants through automation and integration.
  • SMARTOS’ products include Smartos Operational CRM, Smartos Marketplace – A listing platform connecting Space Providers & Space Finder, White Label App – A bespoke application for Spaces with Operational CRM (Web & App solutions).
  • The design was mapped out by a deep dive into the Rental Real Estate market, to understand the challenges faced by space providers and the obstacles they encountered, and to set a solid base for the path forward.

The New Appearence Unleashed

Following a branding guide, we developed a comprehensive brand identity that both stands out and stays true to the brand spirit, including logo, sales kits, pitch deck, and document templates,… Also in charge of graphic designs, printed designs, introduction/demo videos, and so forth.

A New Website

Our design team got going with analyzing how users interact with the existing website, to better understand which features should be more prominent and where to place them. We updated the website’s final appearance, giving it a new breath without alienating the current users.

Maximise Digital

Smartos’ digital strategy focuses on marketing automation, lead generation including Paid Advertising, SEO and Email Marketing through various channels. This allowed SMARTOS gain more brand awareness in the market and reach more customers who may be already interested in their products.

Motion Graphic

We transform SMARTOS message into visual motion video to communicate in an engaging visual format for marketing and sales enablement.

The results

The number speaker for itself:

  • Web visitors surged by a whopping 200%
  • Social media active users increased by 50%
  • Acquire 10 new clients, and profits rose by a full 100%
  • On top of all of this, SMARTOS has been recognized with a number of esteemed awards, such as the Promising Award Women’s Start-up Contest 2021, The Best Solution Awards 2021, and Top 80 Techfest Vietnam 2022.