Furniture Organizing




Unaagi is a digitally organizing assistant that offers homeowners a digital inventory, document holder, and a tool for maintenance scheduling, reminders, and emergency contact

State the problems

Getting headache to remember and operate all belongings, The house owner needs a platform to manage their home inside-out, from cars, pets, electronics, & anything else in the simplest way.

Product Design Solutions

We helped Unaagi in designing a Mobile App as a portable furniture assistant, and an Admin Dashboard to create and manage multiple projects.

Creating Multiple Project

Easy to create a project and add all the necessary specifications of the furniture.

Grouping and Managing items

No more worries about receipts and maintenance notices, Unaagi made all your vehicles on track.

Transfer Ownership Simplified

One-click to transfer the furniture ownership to a new owner.

Style Guide

Enosta created a new style guide for Unaagi that better illustrate the app function. Also being unique, flexible, and up-to-date.

The Product

The All In One Home Management App

We figured out the best way to organize and structure the app to become the best assistant for homeowner on both Desktop and Mobile.


The Unaagi design has received a great compliment from the client and users. We continued being good partners and worked on other projects Our projects will be updated soon on Behance.