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WOVO – A Fashion-forward shaker bottle made for the girls in the USA

The problems

WOVO is a first-of-its-kind shaker bottle created specifically for women. Their target audience is girls aged 18-30, who want to make practicing a daily habit and aspire to be an attractive person in a variety of ways. To them, working out isn’t just about getting in shape; it’s also about expressing their lifestyle and attractiveness

WOVO engaged us to lead its launch with a brand strategy and identity that would connect and resonate with this new market

The strategies

Look good, feel good

We first dispelled the popular image of tough shaker bottles and demonstrated how the WOVO was the exact opposite of them. A major takeaway from our research was 3 things that set WOVO apart: Fashionable Design, Seasonal update design and an appreciation for women's true beauty and self-worth. This was turned into messaging along with a sleek visual identity

It is critical to emphasize the emotional connection between the product and their customers, with a focus on self-love, confidence and beauty from the inside out

The solutions

True Beauty: New found

We focused on being a self-love companion for women in their daily work-out. The brand idea “Chic ” was created to show the fashionable side while also reflecting their inner beauty, strength and confidence. It served as the foundation for the brand’s personality, tone of voice, and other Brand DNA components to be expressed

Get your Sparkle on

The WOVO logo is inspired by diamonds, which best demonstrated their target audience, that “shine” with confidence on the outside, strong on the inside, and precious in the way they love and respect their bodies. The letters “W” and “V” are included to refer to the brand name, visually represented as a pair of hands holding a diamond, like the way WOVO girls cherish themselves

Color system

We offered WOVO 2 distinct systems that embody the spirit of the brand, reflect its identity and appeal to target customers. Both take inspiration from the world of fashion and add a touch of feminine charm to the brand


The guidelines we established for WOVO focus on lifestyle shots that convey a sense of energy, inspiration, and fashion created by true beauty from the inside out. These guidelines ensure striking visuals that truly reflect their brand

The results

We have achieved high levels of client satisfaction and they came back to us shortly afterward for another project. Our comprehensive approach and creative solutions have been the key to giving clients the results they need.