Brand Identity
Craft a captivating first impression at the very first glance

Make your brand outstanding

Elevate your brand presence with impressive, consistent, and world-class branding identity

We shape your brand identity

More than just a logo, we create a better way for businesses to communicate with audiences through visual

  • Logo
  • Icon Design
  • Graphic Elements
  • Image Style
  • Stationery
  • Packaging Design

How does it benefit your growth?

Word-class and up-to-date

Our works are innovative and word-class that brings your brand to the next level in the industry. We focus on aesthetic appeal, usability, and effectively convey the message

Competitive advantage

Branding identity sets your business apart from competitors. It communicates the unique value and personality of your brand, giving you a competitive edge in the market

Recognition and recall

A unique identity with consistent use of logos, colors, and design elements helps increase the brand reconigtion, boosts brand recall and evoke audiences to select your services

Customer loyalty and trust

Once consumers have positive experiences with your brand's quality and reliability, they are more likely to become repeat customers and brand advocates

Our process


Requirements Gathering

Collecting and analyzing the necessary information to define the scope and goals of the project accurately


Visual design

Creating a visual language through the selection of colors, typography, and design elements


Brand guideline design

Guidelines and strategies are established to ensure consistent and effective messaging across various platforms and interactions


Project Deliver

The final outcomes of the branding process, including design assets, guidelines, and documentation, are presented as completed deliverables

Case studies


Client Wovo Industry Fitness accessories Country Vietnam Overview WOVO – A Fashion-forward shaker bottle made for the girls in the USA Branding The problems WOVO is a first-of-its-kind shaker bottle created specifically for women. Their target audience is girls aged 18-30, who want to make practicing a daily habit and aspire to be an attractive…


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