Brand Strategy
Stand Out from Age of Noise

We dive deep into your brand strategy

We help you craft a powerful brand by rooted in extensive research, conducting comprehensive competition, and deep-dive into your audience’s insights

  • Customer Persona
  • Competitor Brand Analysis
  • Differentiation strategy
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Positioning
  • Business Category

How does it benefit your growth?

Having a well-defined brand strategy mark the halfway point to success. Let us show you why

Having a North star

It outlines all criteria of the brand structure which guides decision-making and ensures consistency in all brand-related activities

Be Differentiated

A strong brand strategy defines unique selling propositions, allowing the brand to stand out in a crowded market

Effective communication

Ensure all brand elements are aligned. This consistency helps in delivering a coherent message to your target audience

Long-term growth

Implementing a strong branding strategy will advance your company's value and purpose, fostering customer loyalty and driving sustained growth from inside out

Our process


Brand Audit & Analysis

A thorough audit to understand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities


Brand Essence Building

The core values, vision, and unique attributes that define the brand's identity are meticulously developed


Visual Expression Building

Creating a visual language through the selection of colors, typography, and design elements


Brand Communication Guidance

Guidelines and strategies are established to ensure consistent and effective messaging across various platforms


Project Deliverables

The final outcomes of the branding process are presented as completed deliverables

Case studies


G.A.P is a Talent Training & Development Institute aiming to turn Vietnamese talents into Globally Acknowledge Professionals through insightful programs


Client Axiom Industry Education Country Vietnam Overview AXIOM Academy is #1 skill-school for kids in Vietnam, cultivating authentic, happy and successful kids through 3 fundamental skills: Self-awareness, Critical Thinking and Collaboration. BrandingMotion Graphic The problems Their previous logo was uninviting to children due to its sharp, angular design and dull colors. This, coupled with inconsistent…