Illustration & Motion Design
Bring your stories to life with animation language

Let's make it move

Our motions design covers all types of video that a business needs that unlock the potential of your idea

  • Infographics
  • Character illustrations
  • Motion graphics
  • Logo Animation
  • Product/ App Demo
  • Testimonial Video
  • Product Explanation Video

How does it benefit your growth?

Engaging and captivating

Motion graphics with animation, visual effects, and dynamic elements can easily capture viewers' attention and engage them throughout the video

Simplified Communication

We simplify complex information and present it in a visually appealing way by motion graphics, making it easier for your audiences to understand and get impressive

Innovative Storytelling

Motion graphics allow your brand to tell the story in a new technique, which can resonate with your audiences and evoke positive response

Abreast of the latest trend

Video is trending itself when short video is the most consuming format in almost industry. So you wouldn't want your business to miss out on the trend, will you?

Our process


Generate Idea & Script

Developing creative concepts and crafting a script that outlines the narrative or content structure


Moodboard & Storyboard

Searching for visual references and creating storyboards that outline the visual progression & scene layout of the project



Bringing the visuals to life through animation, adding movement, transitions, and dynamic elements


Edit Video & Design Audio

Refining the video by editing the visuals, adding effects, and synchronizing audio elements for a cohesive final product



Presenting the completed video, ensuring it meets the requirements and delivering it to the intended audience or platform

Case studies


Client EdLuma Industry Education Country Australia Overview Edluma is an innovative education platform connecting students, parents, and tutors for personalized academic support in online and in-person learning. With a focus on collaboration and communication, Edluma offers an exceptional learning experience for users. Motion Graphic Project Summary Our focus was to create exceptional motion graphic…


Client Axiom Industry Education Country Vietnam Overview AXIOM Academy is #1 skill-school for kids in Vietnam, cultivating authentic, happy and successful kids through 3 fundamental skills: Self-awareness, Critical Thinking and Collaboration. BrandingMotion Graphic The problems Their previous logo was uninviting to children due to its sharp, angular design and dull colors. This, coupled with inconsistent…