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Enspired is a tech company offering an advanced product for guests and property owners to be well maintained, stress free and generating profits


To create a strong image of trust with an elegant, classy, and modern style that inspires guests to travel via online platforms.

Our Branding Concept & Approach

Branding Essence & Strategy

Build a Solid Foundation

Our vision is to build a leading vacation rental management company in the Vietnamese coastal tourism market with 5 core values that represent for Enspired.

Humanize the Brand

We defined Enspired personality as 70% the Caregiver and 30% the Magician who is caring, reliable, honest and warm. This will be the North Star for Enspired to communicate with customer in the most effective ways.

Branding Identity Design

Brainstorm the New Look

The culture and flags of Asian countries inspired us to pick the red color as the main tone to identify Enspired. Also, the warm colors absolutely suit the brand personality:

  • Red: Revolution, dynamic, technology, passion
  • Yellow: Creativity, happiness, warmth, cheer

New Logo Approach

Logo is a combination of 4 elements including the character “e”, quality, electronic, and moment. Enosta did not use any popular shape but the special rounded-corner rectangle of the airplane window.

Bring the Brand to Real Life

Let’s see how Enosta helps audiences to travel through the airplane window.

The results

A stable brand essence has been applied in the business from the inside out. With deep research in the industry, the visuals convey the right spirit which is professional enough for business partners, also not too boring for individual audiences.